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Quality Assurance

We make India's Highest Quality Commercial Egg Tray

Everything we do starts with a single idea

Honesty & Transparency

Pursue Excellence

Empower Our Customers

We have created a long lasting product
that delivers maximum value to your money

Some Key Features of our EGG TRAY

SuperVirgin™ Plastic

Manufactured with carefully formulated 

SuperVirgin™ Plastic material that makes 

the tray strong and long lasting.

Quality Assurance


We take immense pride in our work 

ethics and quality policies to ensure 

there is no compromise made to our 


Best Price Policy


Quality is an integral part of everything 

we do and does not come at any additional 

cost. A quality certificate can be provided 

on request.

Colour & Branding


We offer a large range of colour options

to choose from. We also provide a larger 

label area on the tray for prominent 


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